Strategies & Roles

To achieve our central goal, we prioritize the following strategies:


  1. Researching on migrant issues to be able to act on it.
  2. Promoting migrant rights through organizing training and support to help migrant workers develop the knowledge and social skills needed to do so.
  3. Looking into and monitoring policies and issues regarding migration.
  4. Organizing joint analysis and taking action on issues regarding issues in work and advocacies promoting human rights and the empowerment of migrant workers and their families. With the help of partner organizations if possible.
  5. Organizing conferences with stakeholders who are high-leveled to discuss key issues regarding migration.
  6. Provide analysis regarding critical policies and migration issues.
  7. Pushing for the advocacy of policies that promote the empowerment and the support of migrants, allowing the reduction of discrimination and the exploitation and criminalization of migrants and migration.


We believe that through these we can achieve our goals.