migrant March 27, 2017

Moving to the United States from an Asian country is a bold move. The American culture is different, and you need to adapt to enjoy living in the new country. I moved to the United States with my mom and dad when I was 16, and I must say that the culture shock was great. In time, and with support from new found friends, I was able to blend and move with the crowd.

My uncle and his family moved to Charlotte from China six months ago. There was a little adjustment required because my uncle and his wife worked in the United States when they were still single. It is not the case with my cousin. She speaks English fluently but is terrified to talk to other people. She is 16, the same age I was when we moved here. I understand her situation. I know how hard it is to restart building new friendships, especially in school.

Good thing, we live in an apartment where there are lots of Asians. At least somehow, some people seems familiar to her, although she is still reserved. Sometimes I bring her with me to my work so she can meet other people. I am part of the Pest Control Charlotte NC crew, and it allowed me to work with people, who eventually turned to real life friends.

One day, I brought my cousin in one of my inspection to show her around the town. As I was busy working, the daughter of the house owner approached my cousin. My cousin was caught off guard but was happy to have a conversation while waiting for me to complete my work. I later find out that they were classmates.

After that event, there was a change in my cousin. She seems cheerful and vibrant. I guess it was because she finally found a friend in school already. It made me love my job more. Imagine, aside from being able to help households get rid of pests, I also helped my cousin win a friend!

Adjusting to a new place could be challenging. But it will be easier when you get the support of your family and try to meet new friends. The culture may be different, but the language of love and kindness is the same anywhere we go.

If you have just arrived in the United States, it is time to learn the American way of life first hand. It will help you immensely in understanding their habits and behavior. Gaining this knowledge will make the adjustment a bit easier. Here are some of them.

Individuality – Americans are independent. They were trained that way ever since they were kids. They are self-sufficient and do not depend on others too much. At 18 years old, American teenagers are capable of moving out of their parent’s home and start living independently.

Equality – Americans uphold that everyone is created equal. Do not be surprised to hear people calling everyone by their first name. Honorifics such as sir and madam are rarely used.

Direct and Assertive – Americans do not shy away from confrontation. They are used to speaking their minds out and express their opinions.