migrant August 20, 2018

The financial crisis that New Zealand is reeling under has brought up some worries and concerns. The growth rate has been predicted to slow down, but on the employment front, the situation is still okay. Among all the other professions, skills are something which new Zealand is perennially in a shortage of. So basically, this problem is solved by getting in immigrants who are well versed with skills.

For the purpose of ease of migrant intake, Immigration New Zealand has prepared the skill shortage list. It’s a fact – of you are well-versed and equipped with any of the skills mentioned in the Skill Shortage List, getting your work and residence visa won’t be a task for you at all. The Skill shortage list is categorised into three –

  • Long-term shortages
  • Short-term shortages
  • Canterbury shortages.

Among this, the Canterbury shortage list is that which mention the requirement of skilled labour for the rebuilding of Canterbury after a series of earthquakes that rocked Canterbury two years in succession.

Featuring in the long-term shortage list are the following:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Health and social services
  • Recreation and Hospitality

In the short term shortage list we have:

  • Education
  • Oil and gas
  • Science trade

and all the other skills mentioned in the long-term shortage list.

Furthermore, in the Canterbury list:

  • ICT and Electronics
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Transport
  • Trade

And all other skills required to rebuild Canterbury and help it back on its feet.

Recently, construction has seen a lesser focus – more labour requirement is in Auckland and Christchurch, where the manufacturing industry is booming. The food production industry in these places is witnessing a lot of scope of growth and development. Apart from food, machinery, equipment and textiles are also gaining importance. Construction has been pushed back into the short-term list because of its dwindling requirement.


For the lower level, there is tremendous competition for as the jobs are fewer jobs and lots of applicants. This makes it difficult for you to secure a job and you have to compromise on many fronts such as the salary or wages and work conditions.

On the top levels, however, there is a genuine shortage, and the requirement is tremendous. So the scope of you getting a well-paid job is more in this category – only if you are qualified enough to get through these jobs though.

It has also been noted that New Zealand’s Shortage lists do not portray the actual requirements, so as migrants if you intend to leap a new country, you have to be careful and take well-informed decisions.